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Hasiah De Hasie founded by Hasiah Belloe has been regarded by brand fanatics as one of the world’s next biggest African fashion designer clothing due to the unimaginable designing and creativity of her work. Hasie is the alter ego of Hasiah...where she makes the impossible possible by the aid of the God

It is obvious that Hasiah Belloe’s clothing line exudes everything bold, lively, full of spirit, smart, beautiful, sass and cheeky.

“I believe we are all born with an inbuilt creativity. Designing and creativity have always been a part and parcel of me since growing up. I’m inspired by everything I see. As a kid, I always loved and enjoyed craft; creating forms with objects and practicing with a sewing machine. I am at peace when designing. I am intrigued by contemporary designs and the rich African culture.The blend of colours and culture into my designs is what is sparking her clients. My attention to detail and creativity; the blend of colors and culture into my designs spark my clients. Consequently, my aim is to merge creativity and the rich African traditional arty to create a seamless flavors that is timeless”. 

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