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We at Smile Kraft believe that it is an obligation for us to be of benefit to the society at any given time. To us social responsibility is a duty every individual must perform.  We are dedicated to improving the lives quality of underpriviledge people

Jump onboard and let's change the lives of the less-priviledged, the homeless and the needy. Lets put their smile back on as we help shape up a better future for them. We can do this. We can achieve this. Together. Be Bold and Ready for Change

You don't need more than enough to support others. Share the little you have got with those who need it most. We rise by lifting others. A small donation can make a big difference.


On 18th December, 2016, We donated to needy widows in Obo-Kwahu in the Eastern Region to mark our annual Christmas project organised solely by the Foundation. Turnout was massive and lives were touched in every aspect. 

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