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I am very passionate about the youth and their aspirations and I do recognize the importance of education as a deciding factor in the direction of our future. This led me to officially set up the School for Success Scholarship Foundation to be able to level the playing field and make education available to as many as have the drive to want to pursue theirs regardless of their personal circumstances. It's no secret that higher education is largely available to the more fortune in society and this leaves the ones who actually are smart enough to get admission but cannot afford to pay for their education to drop out because of financial issues. I personally have helped some in their quest for higher education but there's only so much I can do alone. Let us all help to make someone's dream come true. 

Success shared is true success indeed, I believe that every young woman can be successful in their ambitious pursuits if mentored and given the right support. Thus the School for Success Scholarship Foundation was set up to help young, brilliant women who seek to add value to their lives through formal or vocational education to achieve their seemingly farfetched dreams.

the        festival story

Coming from very different perspectives, Trudy Arnold, a prominent female entrepreneur and Founder for the School of Success, focused on empowering and funding young female brilliant but needy students and Kwame A.A Opoku, a Keynote Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketer – both saw troubling trends.
Women around the continent were narrowing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and finding paths to launching more businesses in industrialized and developing nations.
On average, more women globally are taking advantage of educational gains and perceived economic opportunities to start businesses that can pave the way for financial independence.
Entrepreneurship increasingly has been recognized as critical to economic development around the world, especially among poorer nations. Female entrepreneurs, in particular, can contribute substantially to economic growth and help reduce poverty, and this was the preamble that facilitated the creation of this platform.
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