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I am Sanfred Oduro Sarpong. I am 23 years old and a graduate of KNUST, with a Bachelor's Degree in Development Planning. I am a self-taught Freelance Makeup Artist that specializes in Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling, Editorial Makeup, Makeup for occasions such as birthdays, dinner, photo shoot etc.   

I discovered the art of makeup over 3 years ago while in my 2nd year at KNUST and I decided to commit to pursuing it both as a brand and a business. A lot of people, including some family members, did not understand my vision and repeatedly asked, "Why do this as a young, brilliant university student from a good home?" I kept soliciting for advice from experienced makeup artist on how to combine my dream as a makeup artist with my education. God been so good, it has been a success ! I am a 2nd Class Upper Degree Holder in Development Planning currently pursuing my National Service at Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly.

I must say makeup has been my passion all along. I absolutely love the art of makeup and the innovative and business aspects of it as well.

I have not gotten to where i want to take @sannysmakeup yet but I believe I am steadily growing with the help of God. I have had the privilege of transforming and enhancing clients' beauty during their "Big Day" (wedding/engagement) and i have held a couple of Makeup Classes with other Makeup Artists.

I believe one can successfully run a business through prayers, determination, consistency, hard work, constant learning and upgrading.



I am Fernanda Owusu Donkor. I am 25 years old and a graduate of Ghana Baptist University College, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing as an option.

The art of Makeup is a God given gift to enhance beauty. At Tutu Makeup, we are specialized in Bridal Makeup, Fixing and Hair styling, Editorial and all occasions Makeup.

I started the art of makeup in 2015 in my final year at GBUC. I was involved in a photo shoot for a boutique in Kumasi known as "SOOTIS". I would do my own makeup . When the photos come out, people seemed more interested in the makeup than anything else. That keen interest sparked me up to pursue Makeup as both passion and business.

Combining studies and Makeup business was not easy at all. There were a lot of challenges including people not trusting their face or image with you, but God being ever faithful, things have picked off and are getting better.

I have had numerous platforms to exhibit my talent as well as a couple of makeup classes with other makeup artists. I was part of the makeup artists chosen to display their gift at the Makeup Revolution in 2016.

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