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Zynab Ayesha Passah

...being a solution to people.

Zynab Ayesha Passah was born on the 4th of May, 1976. She is a self- motivated and resourceful individual with good communication and interpersonal skills. She holds a degree in Public Relations and Communications, a Masters in the Art of communication a Diploma in Secretaryship and Business Management and has worked with Companies like Toyota Ghana Limited, Dizengoff Ghana, and Radio Gold among others. After working for these companies she went into Freelance Consultancy and PR until she felt the need to challenge her self and follow her passion and started her own company in 2004.

Zynab Ayesha Passah is a seasoned Public Relations Consultant with a proven track record. She is a Professional, who is Passionate about her work and persistent in her approach. She is the Chief Executive Officer of XYZ Agency, the Director of EPM Limited in the Gambia, the Founder of XYZ Sickle Cell Foundation, the Host of The A Show, and the President and Founder of the Miss Africa Queen Beauty Pageant. ZAP is a mother of a beautiful daughter and has a serious passion for charity. Her interest in Pageants started when she participated as a delegate in the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the late nineties.

In order to share her experience and knowledge with others, Zynab has helped in judging The Model of the Universe Pageant in 2005 and planned it with her team of professionals as well as the Events Consultant. She also worked as a Consultant with her partners for the Organization of the 2005/2006 Miss Ghana UK Pageant in London.

In 2006/2007 she planned and organized the first ever Africa Beauty Pageant in the African Continent, Miss Africa Queen with her team of experts and professionals in Ghana. At the end of the pageant, Miss Monica Mbillah emerged the winner. The second one was also hosted and staged in Ghana in 2007 and it was won by Miss Nomfundo Mbagiwah a native of South Africa.

After the second edition other countries expressed the need to also host the event and because it was proving challenging to garner support in her home country Ghana, ZAP decided to give the hosting rights to other countries, especially given the fact that it was not a strictly Ghanaian pageant but a platform for contestants from the African continent to also exhibit their culture and traditions. Her association with pageants opened other doors for her as she was invited to be a judge for the Miss World Tourism Millennium 2007 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, in the same year 2007 she was a judge for Miss Nayaid Pageant in Benin Republic and has been the only Anglophone judge for the pageant till date.

Due to her love for Events Planning, Consultancy and Management, ZAP has also had the opportunity to travel extensively, and has visited twenty two African countries, some European countries, the Asia, and the Americas. She travels quit a lot for business purposes and enjoys the experience, exposure and the opportunities it brings.

ZAP believes that it is not what you have and do, but rather how you do it given the opportunity that’s what makes the difference. Ayesha’s travels has also made her meet very prominent personalities, like the  Former Gambian President His Excellency Yaya Jammeh, the Late President Mawnawasa of the Zambia, His Royal Highness the King of Zwaziland, some State Governors, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Beauty Queens, Celebrities from all walks of life etc.

In 2009, Ms. Passah was invited by the International Emmy Academy to sit as one of the jurors in Africa and Ghana for the Telenovela and Reality Series. She was also in New York for the Emmy Festival and Gala Nite in November that year and has been a juror for the Academy for their different categories of the Awards till date.


As part of her Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Ms. Passah launched her XYZ Sickle Cell Foundation in April 2010 to help create Awareness by informing, examine and support those with the disease and also educate as many people as possible. Since the launch, ZAP and her team have carried out four screenings in the Central, Eastern and Greater Accra Regions of Ghana and the team is hoping to do more in breaking the cycle of silence and also give hope and support to the people living with the Condition. She is very passionate about this project, and encourages everybody to support this laudable cause whether you are affected by it or not.  

As versatile as she is, she premiered her Life Style Talk Show “The A Show” on the 2nd of July 2011.  This platform for ZAP, is another way of giving back to society by informing, inspiring, educating and entertaining the general public.


Ayesha believes every individual has been blessed with a special calling, and is for you to find it, nurture it and let it impact on others. To her, The A Show is one of her callings, where she is blessed with a platform to talk about social, personal, educative and informative issues that affects and can help improve the lives of other peoples. Ayesha believes that after every episode of The A Show, if someone is inspired, informed, educated or entertained then, her mission for being on the screens is fulfilled.


Zynab Ayesha Passah was the Head of Brands & Corporate communications at Brooks Asset Management Limited. Her Responsibilities at Brooks essentially was Communications at all levels and about all relevant issues which affect the company. It is the Public Relations unit for both internal and external affairs of the Company. Her department also was in charge of all kinds of the corporate events, perceptions, branding of the company and news and information that help promotes the image and reputation of the Company.

Zynab Ayesha Passah has worked with TV Africa as well, as the Assistant Manager Corporate, for Business Development in 2016 October to 2017 May, and currently combining her talk show, running of XYZ Agency and working as a full time Manager for Government Relations at Ghana National Gas Company.

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